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Metro Rangers

By Bobfish09-04-2013

In a video series that, at least in the first part, is addressing the player just as much as the player character, Deep Silver are teasing us with stunning visuals and bold promises of Metro Last Light. The Ranger Survival Guide is a three part series to prepare us for service in the Spartan Order, effectively the metro system's police force. As much as such an establishment can exist in this desolate, lawless world.

Weighing in at close to four minutes there's a hell of a lot crammed in here. Showcasing the absolutely gorgeous visuals, including mist and rain effects! As well as giving tantalising glimpses into the way the game will play out. Things such as hiding in shadows, silent knife take downs, even wiping your gas mask clear of rain water so you can see properly. It all points to a dynamic, vibrant experience. Everything, frankly, the first game should have been. This leaves me wondering how large of an impact being bought out from THQ really had, because one thing is clearly. However good this was to begin with, since Deep Silver took over, it's only getting better. This is most definitely one to watch. So, Ranger, join us in the briefing room and leave your comments in the box below.

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