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Metro Last Light to Feature Hardcore Bonuses

By Mokman15-12-2012

Seems a bit unfair in some ways doesn't it?

THQ has revealed that launch copies of Metro: Last Light, out in March 2013, will have attached to them a few bonuses - namely the famed hardcore "Ranger Mode" as well as a potent assault rifle and a few...bullets. In the previous instalment of the series, Ranger Mode gave the players less health, less ammo, and disabled the HUD, forcing them to truly test their skills while desperately trying not to void their bowels.

This move has caused a slight controversy amongst the gaming community though, as some people are complaining about how they would not receive the full game if they purchase it after launch. Others defend THQ's choice by stating that this prevents gamers for waiting for discounts and buying the game much later, giving THQ much-needed financial support. These bonuses are mainly incentives to buy the game at launch, rather than to generate more revenue through additional content.

Can you blame THQ for doing so, in its current state? What do you think?


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Posts: 3290

Shut up and take my money!

Posts: 53

Same, the first Metro glued me to the screen for the whole playthrough.

Posts: 351

I want Metro so bad, and cannot wait to see what it looks like on my PC :)

Posts: 237

I say its a good thing, THQ titles get discounts sooner than later and most want to wait out that time, let that be 1-2 month or 6, and if i support them with a full price, its nice to have some extra down the line. Also the dlc will most likely be aviable later to buy on steam, so i dont see any problem.