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Metro Last Light - The Commander

By Merc11-12-2012

Things are certainly bleak in Metro Last Light, and here is another trailer to convey the horrible world that followed a nuclear disaster. If you have been keeping up on the series of trailers so far you will want to check in on this one. If you have not seen the previous episodes you can check The Preacher and The Model.

The world in Metro Last Light seems like the worst kind of nightmare that anyone could imagine. These brief glimpses into the lives of the survivors is certainly chilling, and demands your attention while witnessing their struggle. I for one cannot wait for this game, and these trailers make the wait almost unbearable. Are you ready for the nuclear wasteland? Let us know in the comments.


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Posts: 240

Wow, I'm really interested if these characters will be as interesting in-game as they're portrayed in these trailers.

Posts: 1548

Yeah I feel sorry for the commander. He just did his job.

Posts: 233

Ah humans....they never understand