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Metro: Last Light Gets Biblical

By siegarettes13-12-2012

Themed around passages from the Good Book, Metro's new trailer "Genesis" takes the Biblical story of creation and uses its description of the world's creation to plunge you into the dark world of Metro. The trailer gives you a look at the ruined lands and creatures of the game, taking each of the seven days to focus on a different aspect of the world. Then it gets sinister...

Additionally, just as God gave us the earth, THQ is bestowing upon us the free Steam copies for the original Metro, hot on the heels of its place in the last Humble Bundle. All you need to do is "Like" the page over on Facebook. It's a slick promotional move, and I of course understand exactly how this all works, but it begs the question "How do I know if I like something if I've never played it?"


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They are also giving out humble bundles on twitter at the moment.