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Metro in Style

By MrJenssen06-06-2013

Though it was originally 4A capture artist Alexander Bereznyak's intention to make this fancy "Mobius Trailer" in time for the launch of the masterfully crafted Metro: Last Light, the team needed him to do other things. It became his duty to work as lead technical artist for the project, and so the trailer was therefore not finished in time to be the game's official launch trailer.

However, since the main game is now complete and the rest of the team is working hard on post-launch DLCs, Alexander Bereznyak seems to have found time to complete his vision of a trailer that captures the last moments of a desperate fight with a small group of settlers and soldiers, against the fierce and fearless monsters known only as "Watchmen". While time is frozen, the panning shots manage to tell a gripping and, honestly, quite sad story. A futile fight against overwhelmingly dark odds. A story that can only end in tragedy.

Full of minor and major details, this trailer begs to be seen by anyone with access to the internet. So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this! Go! Go on, now! Shoo!

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Posts: 3290

Okay. This HAS to make it into a DLC!

Posts: 240

Well, that was pretty fucking grim.

Posts: 1548

I almost shed a tear...