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Metro Face Light

By Bobfish03-01-2013

THQ have updated their official Facebook page with a whole slew of new images for last Light, highlighting exactly why so many people are so eager to see it finally released. Go have a look for yourself right here, but make sure you have something on hand to wipe away the drool. The lighting effects alone, showcased in all its magnificent splendour, is breath taking.


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I read the English translation a couple of years ago. It's incredible. Very different from the game, but equally as good, just in different ways. Why the Daddybags have they not translated the sequel yet? I'm predicting a, purely coincidental, simultaneous release of game and translation

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4A Games owe me a keyboard since I salivated all over it. Damn these screenshots look good. Oh, and I'm reading the Metro 2033 book right now - don't know about the English translation, but the Lithuanian version rocks the socks off to a different dimension. It's that good.