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Metal Hard Video

By breadbitten11-12-2013

Konami released a bunch of new videos for "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes", the prologue to the prop-er "Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain", with a new 12 minute walkthrough of the mission dubbed "Nightplay" and a ridiculous new trailer for the Xbox exclusive mission (wince) titled "Jamais Vu", which is apparently Frenchspeak for "never seen". The walkthrough shows environments we've already seen in the TFS demo shown a few months back but in the framework of a proper mission this time instead of a random run.

It's curious watching the demo, observing the clearly shifting landscape priorities of the Metal Gear Solid series; while it still looks like the game will prioritize stealth over wanton murder, at least to a degree, the presentation and some minor gameplay elements make it look like ol' Snake has picked up some tricks from our pals Sam Fisher and Agent 47.

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