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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Comes Forward with Forward Bases

By Doubleplus06-08-2015

So the latest of the 30 minute gameplay demonstrations of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shows off some fairly interesting thi-OH GOD WHY CAN'T IT BE SEPTEMBER 1ST YET!

The spotlight this time around is on Mother Base itself, as well as its expansion and MGSV:TPP's PvP elements in the form of "Forward Bases." Unlike the (Delayed) Metal Gear Online 3, which is a group of soldiers against another group of soldiers, Forward Bases is more of a 1v1 infiltrate and defend your custom base. You can make various forward bases around different areas to increase resources and such, but they will be prone to invasions by other players hoping to steal your resources and equipment so you will have to deck your Forward bases out in various defences to send them packing. Will it be as exciting and varied as in the demo or will it just break down to some shitty min/maxing meta? We'll have to wait until release to find out.

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