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Metal Gear Solid 5 Launch Trailer

By WskOsc25-08-2015

These days I feel like Metal Gear Solid is all I talk about and thanks to Konami's marketing campaign we've got a seemingly endless stream of content to jam into your eye-holes. The other trailers and gameplay shown to date have all been interesting but none have been such flagrant fan service as this latest Kojima directed trailer is the moon shot of MGS trailers. Seriously, if you haven't already, watch it before you continue reading.

There's several details that are interesting; two Morpho butterflies fly past and away from Big Boss as he's getting bloodier in the corridor and as anyone who's played Ground Zeroes knows, Morpho is your helicopter pilot along with his copilot. Possibly hinting at a plot point.

The new Metal Gear itself is called Metal Gear Sahelanthropus – named after a 7 million year old species from around the time humans and chimpanzees diverged into distinct species. The point there is pretty obvious; with such a strong resemblance to REX the Sahelanthropus is probably meant to be the turning point where Metal Gears became more modern than their Cold War counterparts.

At around the same point in the video we've got two interesting bits of text “From Zero, to Omega” and “The Missing Link that Completes the Saga.” Now that's an interesting way to frame shots of the Metal Gear showing off its new abilities don't you think? We know who Zero (Cipher) is and Camp Omega was a stand-in for Gitmo in Ground Zeroes, the Metal Gear has a skull face, and Skullface is after Zero and was at Camp Omega and somehow involved with the new Metal Gear (as seen in previous trailers) which is named after a previous “missing link” (Metal Gears are referred to as “the missing link between infantry and artillery” in previous games) and we're starting to see a pattern here, maybe something to do with that flashback to Liquid in the first Metal Gear Solid but it's a bit too subtle for us to put our finger on just what it is. Hmm...

I could analyse this video all day and keep coming up with new stuff, I've watched it at least ten times and have barely scratched the surface and as any Kojima fan can tell you, that's part of the deal with MGS games. Bring on September 1st.

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