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Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay Demo

By WskOsc07-07-2015

The above video may be all in Japanese but many of the game menus on screen remain in English. It shows a few different missions and in the first and we get to see some interesting things like a mission selection list and Big Boss ordering Quiet off to a sniping position to support him from afar. The video also shows what happens when an average player takes on the game such as being spotted, getting shot, and running away like a sissy when everything goes to hell. Oh, and we get to see Quiet being half invisible which is awesome and finally explains why she's half naked.

In the second mission Big Boss uses a minigun to assault a base while the helicopter's loudspeakers constantly play Ride Of The Valkyries even when he's not in the chopper any more. A bunch of other stuff happened too but we had a happiness induced blackout, awoken only when an excited Japanese man shouts “mission clear!”

The third mission shows some more new stuff – namely the load-out screen showing a slot for Big Boss' arm, with something called the Blast Arm equipped which is black instead of red. While we don't understand the Japanese voice over we do see it used to create a kind of detection pulse that highlights enemies. Big Boss also gives a dude an explosive punch to the face so uh... He's basically Dr Claw but cooler because Dr Claw never fires his arm as a guided missile so awesome it makes a Japanese man shout “rocket punch!”

In the final segment we have another demonstration of the action where the narrator approaches the same mission in yet another fashion, choosing to ambush the commander by skidding down a hillside in a cardboard box which is a magical thing everyone should see. Big Boss then proceeds to stick C4 to a communications officer's arse and waits for the patrol to continue on their way back to base. If you're not grinning when Big Boss detonates the C4 while the troops are at muster, and then runs away shouting “whee!” then this might not be the game for you.

If it is the game for you, stay tuned for more Metal Gear Solid 5 coverage as well as all the other news and info here at Pixel Judge.

Update: The English video has been released now if you'd prefer not to listen to the greatest narrator ever, which you can choose to view below.

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