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Metal Gear PC Revenge

By Bobfish02-01-2013

Despite having been announced solely for consoles, thus far, with no concrete plans to port to the PC. This rather intriguing image has found its way onto the internet. It showcases Raiden's Cyborg suit, which will be available to people who splash out for the Limited Edition. More importantly however, for us at least, is the fact it's almost certainly running on a PC. Perhaps this is nothing more than an alpha build running on emulation software, but I find it unlikely that Kojima would be willing to allow something like this to slip out without anticipating the rumour mill that would spring up around it.

What's really puzzling me though, is why the series is set to return to the PC now. It's been a long arse time since Snake, or in this case Raiden, has graced us with his presence. But who knows? Maybe the recent release of the HD collection, and now this, indicates a new trend to not leaving us out in the cold. Could we be seeing the whole lot finally make their way across for us? That last bit comes purely from me, I'm just throwing that in there for free. It'd be a nice thing to see though, wouldn't you agree?

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Posts: 3290

The fact it's running windowed does make me extremely dubious about it being a native program

Posts: 267

On most pessimistic side, it could be just streaming to the PC where they write code for quicker testing.

Posts: 1548

I'm more interested in proper Metal Gear Solids and The Phantom Pain games.

Posts: 351

I really hope so, but yeah I would bet more that its just on PC for their development. God I hope I am wrong though.