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Metal Gear Goes Online (Again)

By Doubleplus09-01-2015

Alright so the holiday season is over so its a good time to get off my ass and actually give you all some news. What better to talk about than the new trailer for Metal Gear Online? Well, when I say "New" I mean from more than a month ago. The best kind of new! Anyway, MGO continues the tradition of serious, tactical stealth infiltration with a pinch of just plain silliness thrown in for good. You know the drill, one team stealths in to steal the Intel while the other team sets up Home Alone: Military Edition-style traps to ensnare them. Then again, who cares about setting up distracting would-be trespassers with stuffed Puppy DD, Big Boss's new eye-patched dog companion, plushies, or fultoning them with an auto turret? Okay, yeah thats awesome, but the REAL great thing is you can now play as Revolver Ocelot and all his revolver-twirling glory. Why isn't he using his signature Colt SA Armies? Beats me, but you can also take Metal Gear selfies, so I guess I can forgive them. For now.

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