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MeMyself&I – Patrice Desilets Shows up at E3

By Toast14-06-2013

Patrice has showed himself at E3 with an interesting tag on display, photographed by Ben Gilbert from Engadget. Last time we heard from Patrice he hit the headlines with his 2nd departure from Ubisoft, and then about his legal battle for the IP rights of 1666.

One has to wonder why he's showed up at E3, roaming about with his (almost certainly) fake company name tag. Could it possibly be a publicity stunt to draw attention to himself because of his recent firing and legal battle with Ubisoft? What do you guys think?


E3  Ubisoft 
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Posts: 3290

Exactly! He's French. He could spin so many pretentious motifs out of this it isn't even funny

Posts: 297

It would certainly make for pun-tastic headliners.

Posts: 3290

I actually kinda' hope he turns that into a real company now. Would be a pretty awesome name for a dev studio don't you think?