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Mega Man Asks for More Funding and Get New Series

By acharris7709-07-2014

Up until the month of July news on the upcoming Mighty No. 9 was very quiet. Then we had a new work in progress video trailer which showed off some of the level structure and graphics of the successful crowd funded title. And now we hear of a new Kickstarter project and an animated series.

The newly started funding campaign is not to help with costs for the original Kickstarter game, but rather so that new bonus content can be created and implemented for the main game. This also gives any fans that wanted to help out and back the game first time around a chance to helpout. And of course there are going to be stretch goals again.

While news of what these stretch goals are vague, the first on the list will be full English voice acting. Pre-orders are now open that allows non-backers to get their hands on Mighty No. 9 on launch for a low price. That is not all, as at the Anime Expo in LA; Keiji Inafune announced that a 26 episode season of an animated series featuring Mega Man himself is to be released.

In partnership with Digital Frontiers the show will be set in 2099. Humans have become dependent on robots for virtually everything. For entertainment the robots fight in a league called Battle Coliseum. It is at this event we meet Beck, who is a special robot as he features a human heart; so this means that he feels emotions like fear.

This series sounds really good but don't just take my word for it, check out the above trailer. However, back to the game, let us just hope that Mighty No. 9 don't turn into another Star Citizen project and just keep asking for more money as they go along.

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