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Meet the WUB WUB WUB

By NeonAnderson07-05-2013

Featuring 99.9 percent more WUB WUB, the latest trailer for Saints Row 4 shows off how the game intends to take the franchise to the next level of its usual absurdity (in a good way).

The latest trailer is called "Meet the President" and shows off the main character of the game, who will be the President of USA, and more specifically how he intends to put the WUB into WUB WUB. Oh, and they also show off some kick-ass gameplay.

Saints Row 4's new trailer also shows off some exciting gameplay, featuring entirely new gameplay mechanics and features for the franchise. It seems that somehow the player will become supercharged with all kinds of super powers. Knowing the franchise, this is probably due to some form of craziness occurring within the realm of Saints.

The powers shown off in the latest trailer include the ability to fly, super speed sprint, jump very high, lift people (and objects?) and throw them. In addition to all these new super powers, weapons and vehicles will return in a vast new variety. The trailer also shows that the player will be able to customise his or her appearances*

So let us know what you think about Saints Row 4 in the comment section below.

*Appearance customisation could be subject to DLC fees.

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Posts: 241

Saint's Row the Third: Superhero President DLC.

Posts: 207

The more I look at the trailers for Saints Row 4, the more I wonder whether it truly was just a DLC pack that evolved into something else....
I'm I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing

Posts: 596

When Saints Row 4 was first announced I was on the fence, but this just looks so damn fun. I just hope they are less sleezy with the DLC this time (in SR3 they blatantly took out content from the game that was ON THE DISC and then released it as DLC that you had to buy!!! It doesn't get any sleezier than that!)

Posts: 241

So long Saint's Row, it was fun while it lasted.

Posts: 123

Sign me up for this insanity. And drop the bass!