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Meet the US Army in Eugen's Act of Aggression

By zethalee10-04-2015

Coming off of their work on the incredibly complex but equally rewarding Wargame series, Eugen announced that they were working on Act of Aggression, a slightly futuristic RTS, hearkening back to the days when strategy games had three factions vying for control over resources and duking it out with various types of units.

Now, we've been treated to a look at how the US Army will be shaping up in Act of Aggression. Requiring more power and resources than their counterparts, the US Army is characterized by high powered units with a large amount of variety, but lacking in the ability to switch specialization and roles. That is, as an example, the M1 Abrams TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit), receives various upgrades throughout the course of a game to become a terror on the battlefield, but it cannot be used to scout once committed to a battle, but what it makes up for in lacking flexibility is cheap infantry.

Clearly taking a page out of Starcraft's book, Act of Aggression was also known as Act of War 2 before it was officially announced. While it looks like it'll feature quite the array of modern weaponry, it'll be interesting to see how Eugen approaches the game differently than in the Wargame series, which could sometimes be lumbering affairs in small-unit tactics. At the very least, we've got two more videos introducing the other factions, the Cartel and Chimera, and how they play out.

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