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Meet The People Making Eternal Crusade Possible

By JcDent12-08-2013

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, the W40K MMO that we hope will fill the holes in our hearts where Dark Millennium was supposed to be, is gradually revealing stuff about itself.

For example, the crew of really French Canadian sounding people working on the game. The video shows them off, as well as displaying a studio chock full of W40K stuff - mostly miniatures and books (also, this one guy has Steam window for "Space Marine" open).

This might be a good sign, since it shows that people who like 40k are working on a game about it. Then again, Eternal Millennium seems an ambitious project, especially for a studio like this.

However, they did make the Tyranids an unplayable, creep race, so that's a promising step.

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