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Meet the Crew...of the Crew of the Black Flag

By Bobfish30-08-2013

I'm still undecided whether this is gross over exposure or marketing genius on the part of Ubisoft. But they are back to us with another of their behind the scenes, meet the cast video documentaries. This time for the hotly anticipated Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Previously, of course, both the equally sought after new IP Watch Dogs, and more recently the firmly entrenched Splinter Cell have seen similar treatment. Both cases going a long way towards Humanising the digital reflections of Humanity within those games, and quite clearly heightening their profile in the minds of many gamers.

Long gone are the days when a game would sell itself solely on gameplay as a standard. Whilst there are still some which do precisely that, it is increasingly self evident that a huge emphasis on narrative, something which Ubi soft are extremely good at building, is a key selling point in the mind of the vocal majority. So check out this new offering, which consists solely of British actors at this point, and remind yourself that it's okay, there are only two more months to go.

Black Flag (and Watch Dogs as it happens) will release this November across all major platforms.

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