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Meet The Candyzard

By Kelevandos23-05-2013

Some more news from Nirn, dear TES fans! After incredibly fearsome Orgim, capable of splitting an enemy in two with a single swipe of its giant claws... Nah, sorry, forgot I am talking about The Elder Scrolls: Online. The Ogrim, one of the most fearsome daedra out there has been reduced to a sweet fat teddy, inspiring the visions of hugging rather than those of slaughter.

Anyway, now the developers present us with another video, featuring the Wamasu. This deadly reptile inhabits the Black March, preying on the Argonians. It has never been depicted before and has little to none lore coverage, which gave the artists some freedom. They did well, better than the Orgim at least, but the outcome is still somehow not TES-like. I mean, just watch this sweetie having a walk through the swamp!

TES: O is sure to be an interesting MMO and I will sure want to try it out. But does turning the franchise multiplayer really require so much change in the graphics department? Or maybe I am too harsh? What do you thing about the Wamasu?

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Posts: 127

Never thought about it, but now that you mention it, server-based TES would really be great :-D Not that anything would be better than a TES game with DAT Ogrim, but still, a fine idea ^^

Posts: 596

I'm just not impressed yet by TES Online, I don't think they needed to make an MMO out of TES... better yet would be to make a new TES following Skyrim (great graphics, great engine, great gameplay, great content), and simply added multiplayer elements into it. Like 4 player co-op or something? or server based multiplayer so people can roam around in the world with up to 20 or so people.

That to me seems way more fun than an MMO based on TES.