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Set Power to Maximum By Summer

By NeonAnderson02-04-2013

MechWarrior Online

The MechWarrior Online development team has revealed at GDC that they will be launching the title by late summer. The exact launch date will vary greatly and will depend mostly on factors the team cannot predict, namely how long it will take to fully iron out the current issues and whether or not new issues will arise. In addition, the team is still working on three major features that they want to have included in the game in a fully polished state by the time it launches.

The first major feature is the increase in the number of players allowed to participate in a single battle. Currently that limit is set to 8 vs. 8, but the developers want to see this raised to 12 vs. 12 within the next 60 days.

Secondly, the developers want to fully remake the User Interface (UI), so that it will be more practical, look better and be easier to use for new players.

The final of the three major features the devs want to have in the title before it launches is something called “community warfare”, this will basically be some form of persistent clan wars, in which players can pledge their allegiance to the different houses of the BattleTech Universe lore.

The latest by which the developers will be launching the title has been set as September 21, but as mentioned already, the title could launch much sooner than this, or right up to September 21 depending on the issues they encounter with the new features and fixing existing issues. So keep your eyes on Pixel Judge, as we will be sure to announce the official release date as soon as it is known.

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