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MechWarrior Online Introduces Pretty Baby

By Merc07-02-2013

Pretty Baby is a deceiving name for the behemoth 80 ton Mech that can annihilate you with lasers. Do not make fun of the name or you could be targeted first and die soon after. The trailers description is an appealing pitch for Pretty Baby.

"Clocking in at 80 tons, this beast sports a 340 XL engine with a torso twist of 100 degrees on each side. Pretty Baby is a double threat on the battlefield with top speeds at 68 mph and 19 double heat sinks. Can you handle this monster?"

That is fierce, so stay out of the way. MechWarrior will also be getting updated twice a month instead of every week. The upcoming changes in the near future will include a new map (Alpine Peaks), UI changes, and some overall performance tweaks.

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