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MWO Exceeds 1 Million Registered Accounts

By NeonAnderson04-07-2013

Two things, firstly, the Dragon Slayer Hero Mech has been released and has received a nifty trailer showing off its awesomeness. This Mech is what is classed as a "Hero Mech" in MechWarrior Online, this means you cannot change the guns and equipment it has and are stuck with it the way it is. However, on the flip side, it earns a bonus amount of in-game "C-Bill" with each battle players earn a 30% C-Bill bonus while using this Hero Mech. For those who play World of Tanks, Hero Mechs in MechWarrior Online are like Premium Tanks in World of Tanks, thus no advantage compared to the normal Mechs purchasable with in-game currency except that they earn more in-game currency income.

The good news for MechWarrior Online is that it is about ready to officially launch, which is currently set for September 17th and has now reached 1.1 million registered user accounts. This is a good sign for its success and that figure can only grow from here on out as the game garners more popularity with each content update post-launch.

If you still are unsure about the title then be sure to check out our Preview here and you can already start playing it today while it is in Beta by clicking here. Important to note is all progress continues straight into launch.

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Okay. Dude.

That is a SEXY arse mech!