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Mechwarrior: Living Legends Lives On!

By Mokman30-01-2013

It lives! Upon hearing the recent death of Crysis: Wars mod, Mechwarrior: Living Legends, I was greatly saddened. Despite the brilliance of Mechwarrior: Online, it didn't have the exact same factors that Living Legends gave to the gaming community at large. It seemed a shame, such a shame that it couldn't be allowed to happen. And it didn't.

It has been resurrected, saved from the trash can by the loving community, first through a quick hotfix for the last update released by the official team, and then through an announcement that a dedicated mapping team would continue to create custom maps for the mod. Hearing this news, I cannot help but feel proud to be a PC gamer. There are many factors that contribute to my opinion that PC gaming is the best form that the past-time can take, but one of the foremost is undoubtedly the incredibly talented, dedicated, and ultimately, passionate fanbase. Bravo to you.

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