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Mech Betas Extravaganza

By RubyStreams27-10-2012

There's nothing more annoying than going for an evening stroll around the village only to come face to face with a gigantic, heavily armed Mech. Just ruins the rest of the day. The only thing that can redeem this disappointment is getting your own Mech!

You can do this by joining the MechWarrior online and Hawken betas!!

MechWarrior Online

The recent delay of MWO's open beta was down to some stability issues which Piranha wanted to deal with before releasing the beta, but the wait is nearly over. Starting Monday, October 29th those of you who have registered at MWO's official site will be able to jump straight into the open beta, however, those of you who were lucky enough to participate in the closed beta may shed a tear as you will see all of your hard work vanish before your very eyes as all data will be wiped (excluding the Founders Program bonuses and in-game currency, which will be reimbursed).


Adhesive Games' upcoming F2P Mech shooter is also hitting beta very soon, in fact today. As with MWO, you must head over to Hawken's official site and register to partake in the closed beta. They’ve done some updating and here’s the patch notes for the Hawken Closed Beta.

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