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ME3's Citadel DLC Release Trailer

By MrJenssen05-03-2013

Hey, are you one of those who felt Mass Effect 3 was too heavy on the RPG, and not heavy enough on the explosive Michael Bay-style scripted action sequences? No? Well EA and Bioware don't care. This trailer looks to be way more third person shooter than space opera RPG. The premise seems decent enough, but will it fit into the saga? Or will it stick out like a sore thumb?

The 'Citadel' DLC is releasing today, priced at $15, and is supposedly the final story-DLC for the game. If you want more info on the DLC, check out the Bioware Blog's FAQ for the DLC.

So will we see you leaning back in the comfortable space couches of the Citadel later today? Or have you retired your M-8 Avenger for good?

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Posts: 228

Looks stupid as fornication. Citadel is now like a small border village that gets raided and plundered by anyone who pleases. Also, they try too hard to be cute: aww, that thief-lady is embarrassed in the picture, awww!

Posts: 1317

Yeah it seems like something taken out of Max Payne 3 rather than ME3.

Posts: 3290

You need somewhere to unwind, because we need you rested...so travel half way across the galaxy to do it.

Dat logic

Posts: 267

Looks interesting, but seems out of place in the story.