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McGee Whiz, Doc. Kickstarter Again?

By MrJenssen25-06-2013

American McGee isn't a newcomer to the industry. He's not even a newcomer to Kickstarter. In fact, his free-2-play fantasy game Akaneiro is already out on Steam through the Early Access program. Well, you'd think that since he and his recently established company Spicy Horse are back in the game with a game already out, he wouldn't need to resort to Kickstarter campaigns again when he's making his new game, OZombie. Well, you're wrong.

"But what about Alice?" Well as the man says himself, it's not that easy. He doesn't own the rights to the franchise, and has currently no power over what sort of molestation the Alice series will go through in the hands of EA.

"I won't stop trying to make new Alice games. We're still having meaningful and productive conversations with EA regarding Alice. Truth is, it's an important bit of IP for them and for us (and for you!) which means that negotiating a deal is going to take time."

Hey, at least it's not a NO! As for the question of "Why Kickstarter again?"... Well, McGee doesn't really bother answering that question. I suppose he just likes to not be bound by the chains of big publishers. Especially after the ruckus between him and EA over the marketing of Alice: Madness Returns.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. OZombie. To sum up what our own BloodyFanGirl already wrote earlier, OZombie is a sort of open-world, zombified Wizard of Oz tale, with heavy doses of steampunk jammed into the mix. OZombie being - playable on Windows, Linux, Mac and some tablets - the aim for the studio is to make a game that's both an offline singleplayer game, but also playable online for a monthly fee. MMO style, with PvP, raiding and the works.

Despite how relatively unimpressive ratings Akaneiro has gotten so far, at least when looking at Metacritic, one can't help but feel just how ambitious this project is. The question is, is it ambitious enough for people to plunk down $950.000 in 42 days?

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Posts: 1317

Yeah. Let's just hope that if it succeeds, it'll actually turn out to be a great game. I haven't played anything good from McGee for ages.

Posts: 3290

That's a pretty hefty sum. But he does have a fairly strong, loyal following, so who knows?