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Matthew BioBerg

By Bobfish10-09-2013

Matthew Bromberg, former BioWare Austin CEO, has moved up in the world. Barely a year after his appointment in Austin, he's now the gaffer of the whole kit and kaboodle. Talk about rapid promotion schemes!

During his time at BioWare he has...done very little it seems. Apart from voice his concerns about The Old Republic going down the Free to Play route. Suddenly, EA giving him the top spot makes...no, still doesn't make any sense to me either. But hey, he must have done something to catch their attention. And since Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, BioWare's founders, left last year, it's hardly a snap judgement kind of thing.

As for the furutue of BioWare after this? Who knows. Bromberg is very much an unknown factor at this stage. One I am in no great rush to hypothesise about. Something I am going to be a little, though only a little, more excited about is Jeff Hickman (formerly The Old Republic's executive producer) taking on Bromberg's former position. Though who will take Hickman's place remains to be seen. And who will take their place, and who theirs...and so on.

Stuff is happening at BioWare.

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