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Master of Shadows is a Lot of Stealth, Not So Much Rock & Roll

By CameronW23-01-2014

Styx: Master of Shadows is not a new Styx album, though I'd be lying if the game's reveal didn't convince me to put on "Come Sail Away". The name is unfortunately the only correlation between game and band. Styx: Master of Shadow is an infiltration game with RPG mechanics developed by Cyanide Studio, and while the screenshots are pretty vague with the gameplay I'm getting some Splinter Cell mixed with Medieval Fantasy vibes going on with them.

You play as a Goblin named Styx, he's super old and super good at murdering people while being stealthy, So he's pretty much Sam Fisher but tiny and green. You're tasked with climbing the Tower of Akenash, which I can only assume is full of people to murder and things to steal. The levels are open ended and we're promised a lot of freedom with 6 different talent trees to choose from. The most interesting part of all is that it's coming out this year! Cyanide Studios being the developers of that Of Orcs and Men game explains why I thought Styx looked so familiar as the two games seem to look rather similar visually, but there's no telling how Styx plays right now since we're stuck with a few static images.

I always did enjoy stealth games, maybe Styx is worth keeping an eye out for?

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