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Mass of the Old Effect

By Bobfish17-07-2013

It seems BioWare has done a little shuffling to move their Mass Effect/Knights of the Old Republic team onto a brand new IP. We have no details, as yet, what this new series (it's always a series with BioWare) will be, so anything we say will be purely speculative. The announcement was made by Casey Hudson on Monday as part of the KOTOR10 hastag on Twitter.

"Most of our core team that worked on SWKOTOR has been together throughout the Mass Effect series, and now our new IP project. #KOTOR10"

This is an interesting development actually. It is no secret, by this point, that another chapter in the Mass Effect saga is in development. Something which pormises to be a Frostbite powered behemoth of purdiness, along with the new Dragon Age. Along with The Old Republic, which will naturally retain some attention due t o its persistent nature, it seems that not only have they given control of one of their largest Ips (Mass Effect) to new people, but they now have at least three full games in the works.

What does this all mean? Is it a sign that BioWare, despite the negative impression many of their recent decisions have left, does it mean they have continued to grow. Or are they just spreading themselves too thin in the hope that at least one project will put them back in our good books. And what, pray tell, will this new IP be? Dragons in space? Ancient robots with magic? Flying cat people with steam powered nose pickers? Go wild guys, leave your theories in the comments below.

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BioWare? o.O

Uhm,. I'll have to check that one

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Weren't they also doing C&C Generals 2?