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Mass Effect Bound for Starbound

By Azeebo26-01-2014

Starbound has all the makings of an awesome game on release. Imagine the spiritual successor to Terraria, in space, and you quite literally have Starbound. But, what happens when you combine this 2D minecraft-esque space game with Mass Effect? I mean surely, nobody could possibly imagine these 2 worlds colliding, it is sheer madness I tell you!

Similar to King Leonidas, Team SMEE kick that notion into a metaphorical pit for it to rot and die a slow painful death as they have in fact, done the impossible. Starbound Mass Effect Edition is a mod which adds a bunch of really snazzy features to an already feature filled game. Many powers from Mass Effect make an appearance in the new mod, such as the iconic Lift and Slow powers as well as converting your ship into the Normandy. Not some remade crappy Normandy, the original Mass Effect 1 Normandy in all its glory...albeit slightly more 2D.

On top of all of that, new races, weapons and armour pieces all pulled directly from Bioware's legendary franchise. With more updates on the horizon, this new mod looks to maybe surpass Starbound itself, ala DayZ.

In order to use the mod, you need Starbound (naturally) and 2 other mods: Kawa's Xbawks Mode CharacterCreator and  Simple Extended Character Creation Mod. You can then find instructions on the forums.

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From that picture i just get a FTL vibe.