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Mass Effect 4: Sequel or Prequel?

By Bis18marck7020-11-2012

Officially the Mass Effect series was meant to be a trilogy and the last time we heard from BioWare about it, that idea remained. Indeed, Executive producer of the Mass Effect series, Casey Hudson has taken to Twitter in an attempt to hear from the Community if they would prefer a new ME game set before or after the original trilogy. I couldn’t care less - give me a shotgun, a Krogan and a fine lady by my side and I’ll go off blasting the crap out of anyone who gets in my way.

The idea mill is running hot with some interesting and other rather peculiar ideas being thrown in by the community. The universe isn’t in much of a healthy state after ME3’s ending so I could see some plots there. Perhaps the alliance between the races breaks and all-out war between Mankind, Asari, Turians and Salarians will finish what the Reapers started. Or perhaps we will see the ‘golden age of exploration’ where Mankind first meets life outside its Solar system. First Contact War anyone? Genophage?

ME4 will be developed by BioWare Montreal. Using Frostbite, the game will build on the experiences of those that have use the engine for Dragon Age III. The basic ME pillars will remain with a deep and lore-rich galaxy as well as diversity in armament and races.

So, what would you like to see? Sequel or prequel?


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