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Mass Effect 3 Takes To The Tables

By Bobfish29-01-2013

As in the gaming tables, with dice. You know? The one where you have to roll a seven, or an eleven, or...however that game works.  You know the one right? That really crappy one. Craps they call it. No not the...well actually, seeing that Krogan, maybe the other kind too. Basically, a whole slew of Tweets, which seems to have started with Casey Hudson's enigmatic RnR teaser, have swept across Twitter (shocking right? You never would have expected them to hit Twitter. I bet you were totally expecting me to say Mars) all but proving that a new Mass Effect 3 chapter is soon to be upon us. Something that, if you haven't guessed yet, revolves around a gambling establishment.

The particulars are all in the realms of speculation at the moment, but the images we have give us much to speculate about. One thing we can be sure of, however, is that another DLC pack is in the works. Not simply because Mass Effect is making money, though that alone is enough. But Caroline Livingstone confirmed she was working with Seth Green again. And the games' composer, Sam Hulick out and out said he was working on a new DLC. That's pretty conclusive in my books. But what do you think? Looking forward to, finally, having more than just Quasar to whittle your hard earned credits away on? Then join us below.

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Well, I'm about to complete the game tonight so I guess this is DLC I'll be missing out on until my next run through of the trilogy in the future.