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Mass Effect 3 – News From the Other Side

By NeonAnderson12-10-2012


Two big pieces of news have come out today regarding Mass Effect 3. The first is the launching of “N7 HQ”. The second is news regarding a new single-player DLC for ME3.

“N7 HQ”, as BioWare is calling it, is a new web based service from which players can access a large variety of information. Perhaps not surprisingly, all the information shown on the N7 HQ is only from the co-op part of the game. Thus, you can check your profile, achievements, character builds and even the current inventory you have. There is also a profile searcher and Leaderboards to compare yourself to your peers.

If all of this sounds interesting to you and you own Mass Effect 3 (on any platform), then click here to go directly to the N7 HQ website!

Now, I mentioned a new DLC for Mass Effect 3 earlier. The new DLC will have players returning to Omega to help Aria T’loak keep control over the station against the Illusive Man’s forces. One of the big promises about the DLC by BioWare is that it will be twice as big as the Leviathan DLC.

The Mass Effect 3: Omega will launch on November 27th and will set players back 15 Dollars, or equivalent worldwide.

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