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Marvel Heroes Trailer Does Damage

By Mokman22-02-2013

A new trailer for upcoming free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes has been released, showcasing portions of in-game cutscenes and action, as well as a strange little bit at the end where we hear Wolverine singing. The release window for the game was also mentioned in the comments by Marvel Heroes Online, marking it to be Spring 2013, in other words - soon. As expected, a variety of heroes were present, from Spiderman to the X-men, Deadpool as well as the Hulk, and many more. The trailer itself though, was the usual fare, stuff blowing up and short glimpses of gameplay that didn't really tell us much. As to quote Youtube commenter Bart Humphries "I saw lots of lights and flashes, a few props in a room getting destroyed, a few obvious cutscenes, and the ground and "big" props never ever getting destroyed (except that one obvious cutscene that showed a big guy climbing up through the ground). I really didn't see many things getting destroyed -- usually a big flash, a big explosion, then cut to the next with no way to see how much (if anything) was destroyed." Yep, pretty much right. Sign up for the founders package now at founders.marvelheroes.com.

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