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Marvel Heroes Out Now, Watch Some Videos

By Merc05-06-2013

So yeah, Marvel Heroes is now available for anyone to play, no more betas, just sweet left clicking murderfest 2013. To celebrate the occasion you can watch a plethora of videos that will give you a taste of the game. The opening cinematic trailer gives you a good idea what is in store for you and what heroes will be in the game. It really makes me want to play the game right now, but wait, there is more!

There is also a four part series video that will show you the prequel of the story in games cinematic art style. Honestly I do not like the style very much and the voice acting is subpar. It doesn't matter as Marvel Heroes is not about watching movies, it is all about the questing, combat, and loot. Now get out there armchair heroes, you destiny awaits. Better get a snack first, but get to it after that.

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