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Marvel Heroes – Iron Man 3 Open Beta Weekend

By NeonAnderson02-05-2013

Exciting news Heroes! Get ready to battle the forces of evil on Marvel Heroes first open beta weekend! Running from May 4th until May 6th, players will be able to participate in the first open beta event for the new F2P MMO/Diablo hybrid game.

The beta will start at 4.00 AM CET on May 4th and run until 7.00 PM CET on May 6th. CET = Central European Time.

As a special celebration for the release of Iron Man 3 movie in cinemas worldwide, during the open beta players will be able to select one of the Avenger heroes as their starting character; this includes Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow. In addition, players will be able to purchase a variety of visual skins for Iron Man using the free in-game premium currency that players will receive during the beta event. These skins range from being inspired by the three Iron Man movies and the Avengers movies as well as the various comic books from Marvel.

Those interested in the open beta should sign up now on the official website here.

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Posts: 596

Well, the graphics could be improved a lot by the time the game launches. My main fear with this game is the developers, they have shown a clear lack of direction throughout the development of this game and have been very wishy-washy.

In addition, the way they are doing these beta events makes no sense to me at all. Each event resets the progress so it really limits how many people will test the beta. To make that even worse, the beta events always run for short periods... Whereas if you look at other games like DOTA 2, Smite and many more, the beta is up almost 24/7 with players getting to test EACH AND EVERY aspect of the game! This is WHY companies do public betas and for Marvel Heroes this is obviously not the case and the amount of testing done to the game by the public has been highly limited to just a few hardcore freaks, which to be honest usually do not always give the best input on game development due to their fan-based bias.

Posts: 127

Hmmm, the heart says "try it", but the mind screams "man, this is poor graphics, even for a hack'n'slash!"... Guess I am going to want for the release, or at least the open beta, hoping they will improve this aspect