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Marvel Heroes – Building a Hero

By NeonAnderson30-01-2013

Marvel Heroes has received its third developer diary video on YouTube, this time around the developers show off some fresh gameplay video in the background while discussing how they went about designing the Heroes players can play as in this free to play MMO action RPG.

The first and foremost important detail about this title is that players will be playing as the iconic Marvel characters from the comic books and movies, such as Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc. To give player the ultimate experience, the developers have put a lot of effort and focus in making sure all the abilities that Marvel fans know and love are there, while also ensuring that each character is completely unique from the other.

As they put it in the video - "No one can get angry like the Hulk".

While words are just words, the footage shown in the background speaks for itself and not only does it have a nice high fidelity to its graphics, it just looks fun to play. If you are already convinced by the videos they have shown, the Founder Packs are still available for purchase and you can simply sign up for an account here and follow these steps to have a chance to get in the Closed Beta.

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