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Mars: War Logs Screens

By Bobfish11-01-2013

You could be forgiven for thinking it's something to do with Red Faction. That was my first thought too, but nay. THQ are still all up in the air with, y'know, being bankrupt and all. What we have here is from a company called Focus Home Interactive. It's, or so I'm told, a cyberpunkesque RPG action shlock. We've covered it in the past, including a, frankly, rather bland teaser that, nonetheless, piqued my interest. And a far more interesting trailer that, as well as being essentially an expanded version of the teaser, suggests a sombre tone that...yeah, it feels a hell of a lot like Red Faction. And these new images don't do anything to dispel that impression, which is a good thing in my book, because it looks pretty darned pimpin'. So who's going to join me for a picnic on the edge of Gradivus Mons?

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I'ma watch out for this one

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Speaking of Of Orcs And Men... Could they POSSIBLY have chosen a worse launch-window? Could any smaller indie-developer with absolutely no marketing have chosen a worse launch-window for their game?

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Without Googling it first I was like "yeah, expect the same level of quality as Of Orcs and Men". Then I googled it and whoop de doo, the same guys made Orcs. So, expect some funky voice acting, AA graphics and interesting ideas.

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Hereby put on my radar.