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Mars: War Logs Has New Screens!

By JcDent14-02-2013

Spiders, the makers of the fun little game called 'Of Orcs and Men', has gifted us new pictures from their upcoming game called Mars: War Logs. Among promised features are free-style, expansive skills trees that let you make all sorts of characters: useful for running and gunning, stealthing around like it ain't not thang or using wicked Technomancer powers.

The screenshots present a better view of Mars shanty towns (no doubt full of Mars poor people). Or the main character going against... Mars riot cops? Not a smart move, buddy! We also see a screenshot of a bar that has Barsoom ghouls for bouncers, who sneer at the main character for having skin and a nose. Lastly, there's a huge, ugly, bloated, mutated YouTube commen... er, I mean, Mars monster attacking a space princess.

Anyways, are you guys excited?

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Really hope that pose in the second image (with the riot shields) isn't indicative of a snap-to cover system. I hate them -.-