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Mars War Logs - Conflict on the Red Planet

By Bis18marck7007-12-2012

Mars. The ancient Romans made him into the God of War, their holy paragon of conquest. Those glorious days in which the Legions crushed all before them might be over, but Mars lives on. This time not in form of a god, but as a planet more than 200 million miles from us, a silent red guardian who captures our crazy sci-fi fascination and is the place of more than one imaginary human adventure. How many times the planet has been scanned by our watchful eyes, I do not know. Knowing the general tendency of humans and their priorities, we probably know it better than the deepest depths of our own oceans.

Yet, it seems all our satellites, periscopes and Curiosity itself has missed some pretty interesting proceedings on the planet’s surface. But fear not, our contacts on Vulcan where happy enough to provide us some idea on what’s happening on the red planet’s surface. Why? Well, they said something about human tendency for self-destructiveness and proof about us not being ready for intergalactic explorations…Details, Details, who cares? But as always, I digress.

So here it is, Mars War Logs. A trailer featuring in-game graphics, a chilling yet enticing musical score as well as a hint on the particular style of the game. The Cyberpunk-Realism mixture sure does set a great tone. Following our hero, Roy ‘Temperance’, we see technology and supernatural abilities collide to prep a decadent world for total collapse after violence and bloodshed once again ensue. Although Aurora and Abundance, two competing nations on the planet’s surface, have made a fragile peace following a dreadful conflict concerning, as always, natural resources, it seems like humans are not so much different on Mars as on Terra – except that part of Supernatural abilities, only a few of us have those…

Having Returned from the war, Roy finds Shadowlair, Aurora’s capital city, in the hands of a mysterious Technomancer who, ruling supreme and with an iron fist, quickly labels our unfortunate alter-ego into a renegade. Over the course of the game, our hero will be able to choose from different approaches to the game, ranging from combat, stealth and trickery over to Technomancry. The latter looks like a ‘Mass Effect biotic meet Magic’ cocktail. Craft your equipment and fight it off in real time, using skill, timing and tactics to smite those that stand before you. In short, a typical RPG set on, well, Mars. Interested? Check out the trailer above and the first few screenshots and tell us what you think.

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It looks good but I have a feeling it wont be.