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Mars War Logs Combat Trailer

By Mokman27-02-2013

A trailer has been making its rounds online showcasing the combat and leveling systems in upcoming action-RPG Mars War by Focus Interactive. It features a classic angry-looking main hero, classic riot gear clad goons and strange alien beast that looks surprisingly like a wolf. There exists three trees of skills, Technomancy (Magic, basically), Renegade (Rogue-ish stuff) and Warrior (Warrior).

So what's my impression so far? Well it looks like a cross between Mass Effect and Batman: Arkham City, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Let's just hope it ends up as well as the trailer makes it out to be. And let's hope that they can eventually afford a better narrator.

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yeeeehhhh I wont be playing this

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What is wrong with this game? At least this trailer makes it look quite bad (very low budget). As for the narrator I'm good with him.