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Mars Logs Back In

By Bobfish18-06-2013

Now this is interesting. Based on community and press feedback. Spiders have made some changes to their flawed, but modestly successful Mars: War Logs. By now, it's no secret that the console release has fallen well behind schedule (makes a change eh chaps?) due to a number of issues reported with the initial PC release. Some of which I encountered myself (floating NPCs) and others I missed. The latter, the voice work and dialogue, I actually enjoyed immensely. But it seems I am a minority in that respect, so the entire thing has been redone.

"Mars contains a vast amount of dialog, even by RPG standards. The plot has numerous strands and the dialog often has many variants to mirror the hero's changes in reputation. The tight deadlines between the game release dates meant that the initial English translation lacked depth and contained a number of errors; it was then sent to the recording studio, making the job of the actors extremely difficult. The actual game was thoroughly tested and released with very few bugs on PC, but unfortunately the procedures for the audio and text QA failed and allowed many English localization issues to slip through. We realized the extent of the problem after seeing the first feedback from the press and gamers. The result was so far removed from what we usually produce that we took the decision to halt the submission process for the console version, which was due for release only weeks after the PC title. We have re-written the game text and dialog and, of course, recorded the actors again, replacing the sections that weren't true to the characters in Mars."

Now that's dedication indeed. Still, personally I'd rather see customisable key bindings, but I won't fault them for their hard work. I do hope the new audio tracks come as an optional addition though. The new Innocence (the young lad doing the opening voice over) sounds rather wooden to me. Whilst the original sounded a lot younger, a lot more naïve, and a lot more natural. Still, as said, I seem to be firmly outvoted here. But what do you make of it all? Log your thoughts below.

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Well I've redownloaded the game...

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Ok, this is an awesome move by the dev/publisher but I cant decide if its better or know. Seems over-exaggerated.