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Marks of the Old One, Metroidvania Upside-Down

By acharris7710-10-2013

The last couple of months have been some interesting Kickstarter Projects. And the latest one which is catching the eye is Mark Of The Old Ones from Hit the Sticks. "A richly imagined, Metroidvania, upside-down, physics platformer," is how the game is described. The game follows Thomas Lyle, who is on a plane that crashes, and his legs end up mangled.

Trying to survive Thomas encounters tentacles, which seem to attach themselves to him and allow him to explore and interact with his environment. Movement is kept basic and smooth, and not unrealistic to the level of swinging like Spider-man. Hits the Sticks are looking to raise $225,000 for the project. I am unsure if the game has the potential to reach this funding goal though, as it sounds like it will not appeal to everyones taste, but I guess time will tell. Let us know below what you think.

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