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March of the Eagle Trailer

By Bis18marck7013-12-2012

March of the Eagles, Paradox Interactive next title that draws from previous games such as Heart of Iron, Victoria and Crusader Kings, has just released its trailer. In line with the company’s creed, you’ll see a lot of maps, tables and menus just as back in August for the announcement trailer.

If you haven’t yet heard of the title but are a fan of Paradoxes challenging strategy games or simply enjoy the Napoleonic period, then check out the development diaries.

The game itself will be set between 1805 and 1815 during which you can take control of the mighty armies of France, Britain, Russia, Austria and most importantly, of Prussia. Several minor nations will also be playable for a grand total of 32 playable factions. Build alliances, train armies, fight and conquer. The early 19th Century is the time of great men; will you be one of them?

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