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Map Your Way to Thousands of Dollars with Medieval Contest

By MrJenssen05-03-2014

Torn Banner have recently announced a medieval-themed mapping contest for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare where the winners and runners-up get to share prizes totalling over $25.000 and lots of gamer loot.

The contest asks the community to create new maps for Chivalry's Team Objective mode in two separate rounds. The criteria Torn Banner will be judging by, consider gameplay and "fun factor", balance, polish, performance, creativity and more. During the first round, which will run until May 1st, the five best map-makers will be offered a sum of cash plus gaming-related loot from Logitech and Epic Games. The second round concludes June 31st, and will see three winners stealing away even greater monetary prizes, Logitech and Nvidia loot.

Well, it seems what I said about Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior being little but a quick and dirty cash grab, is true. I mean, considering that the mapping contest is for the Team Objective mode, it's hard to imagine how that would work with Deadliest Warrior. You know, since Deadliest Warrior has nothing but deathmatch.

In all fairness, it's probably for the best. While Deadliest Warrior felt underwhelming to put it mildly, the original Chivalry still offers a pretty great experience. Even with the hit detection issues. And the Team Objective is one of the main reasons why. It's nice to see the developers supporting the community, both financially and by implementing community-made maps into the official roster.

So, if you're feeling creative, head over to the contest's official site to get all the info on how to participate, and what you can get out of it.

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