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Map Editing Reaches Company of Heroes 2

By JcDent16-09-2013

Company of Heroes 2 (meh/10) is the sequel to kick-ass World War II RTS Company of Heroes. I don't really like it, but the people do and the game developers are repaying for their trust.

In September's Producer Letter, Greg Wilson discusses maps. CoH2 got two new ones, Langreska and Semoskiy, both in winter and summer form, and both based on CoH1 maps (Langres and Semois?). Other old maps are to be rehashed in the coming months. No word if any original maps are in the pipes.

But that's ok, because they're preparing to launch World Builder, their own map editor! Modders are mentioned, so, in a few months, we'll get a lot of historical realism mods, a few cheat mods and one quiet guy in the corner making a non-WWII mod. Probably.

And now, news for people with money: Theatre of War has been updated with a 1942, German mini pack. It's going to be free for those with the Collector's Edition, Digital Collector's Edition (if you only buy the privilege to play the game, not own it, how are you collecting stuff?) or pre-ordered the game. The dirty ruffians with inferior versions of the game will be able to buy it on Steam or upgrade to the Digital Collector's edition and then get the pack for 'free'.

Unexpectedly, there's also a patch for CoH1 in the works. That's right, Company of Heroes The First And Vastly Superior Game. We don't know what it fixes, but it's supposed to help with CoH2 improvements later on.

So, how do you feel about this, random person on the internet?

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