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Mandated Battles inside a Spaceship!

By JcDent30-11-2013

The Mandate is a recently Kickstarted space game about a disgraced officer who has to squash the Rebellion and save the space Tsars. Or, if you're one of the kids and need to feel "cool", about siding with the rebels. Anyways, not all matters of secession are solved by space battles (but those help). This video shows us a tiny bit of infantry battles inside ships, a small glimpse into how creatively things might play out it the end.

Possible criticism for the method of taking ships from the inside aside (truly am I a master wordsmith), the whole infantry combat section needs closer scrutiny. We do now know how involved and fleshed out it will be. Will we have cover, morale, inventory and other trappings of greatest RTS' of the new era? Or will it just be a barebone system with some situational scripting?

I do not know, but I'm hoping for the best.

Command and Conquer tried to make a new game that ignored the new trends in the medium. Look how it ended.

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