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Mandate Shows Off Battle Orchestrator

By JcDent09-04-2014

Mandate is a Kickstarted sci-fi sandbox RPG, that can be played in six player coop (LAN and Online)...and it all takes place in a space Russian Empire! Ura!

Today, the devs showed off the battle orchestrator, the tool you'll use to plan and execute battles. It looks real neat, for one: zoom out enough and the space vistas will be replaced by a ship cabin and a holographic display marking the places of your ships and other stuff in mission. Next, you can plan where your ships go and which way they'll face. All the planned actions are reflected on a timeline, so you can coordinate better. By itself, it's nothing new: the Jagged Alliance reboot had it, and I definitely played at least one indie title that was basically just battle orchestrator.

Yet Mandate has pseudo Russian bombastic score for background, so it's a little better.

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