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Man, Machine, Alien; This is XMODS!

By breadbitten02-09-2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a game that left me a sputtering, sweaty emotional wreck curled up in the fetal position on more than one occasion is finally getting an expansion pack in Enemy Within. I don't know if I should be happy or be filled with dread at that prospect. Regardless, a new trailer has been released for the upcoming expansion and it has plenty of shiny robot-on-robot-alien action going on.

The expansion sounds like it's going to be a sizeable one in terms of new features and of course the new twist on enhancing your soldiers in the form of either mechanizing them or alien-genomizing them already has my mind racing and my loins frothy.

XCOM: Enemy Within will cost an equally sizeable $29.99 and will be out on Steam on 11th November this year in the US, or 11-12-13 if you're into gimmicky release dates being made obvious.

But now something even MORE exciting. What can be more exciting than an expansion to XCOM: EU you ask? Well...MODS! And no, I'm not talking about the new soldier modifications you can make in the upcoming expansion, it's good ol' fashioned user made mods! [Cue confetti]

Garth DeAngelis, designer and producer for Firaxis' XCOM games, in an interview with PCgamesn hinted that mod support can be a real thing in the future.

"I wouldn't say it's on the table currently but we never want to say never..."

"And, if we were to do it, we'd want to do it right. We'd provide the proper level of tools and support and that takes a little more planning and time to get that right and we're not on that right now."

Senior designer Ananda Gupta further elaborated on how players may be able to alter the rules of the game, were Firaxis to release modding tools for Enemy Unknown...

"I'll give you an example: one of the things fans have, er, mentioned in various forums is panic. So, it turns out there was a bug in the panic system that was causing friendly fire to happen more than we wanted. So, now, friendly fire will happen a lot less in general but, in addition, panicked units will get an aim penalty. Because, obviously, if you're panicked, you're not going to be shooting as well. The size of that aim penalty has been moved into data."

As someone who's spent close to 150 hours (and counting) on Enemy Unknown, I can't really stress enough the rising levels of excitement this brings to my inner masochist, and self-loathing half. [Sobs]

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