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MaLDo Tools For A Better Crysis 3

By NAG3LT04-03-2013

While every Crysis game so far allowed users to change a lot of different settings manually in configuration files. Such changes require more knowledge and effort, so they seem too troublesome for most players. Fortunately there is also something in between the few options of in-game menu and config editing – separate tools from modders, such as MaLDo. He has just released a nice tool for configuring Crysis 3 with intuitive slidebars and checkboxes giving a lot of graphical choices. Another nice tool – MaLDo OnTheFly configuration tool that allows you to change game settings, turn HUD on and off, and do some other things with a button press while playing, without having to restart the game, or even go to menu. The tool also allows you to add your own key bindings to use while playing the game. The only inconvenience with OnTheFly tool – you'll need to use MaLDo's modified game executable.

MaLDo has also done some tests on Crysis 3 multithreading performance. Usually, when it comes to choosing a CPU for a gaming PC, i5 is recommended for £150, as spending additional £50 for i7 gives you HyperThreading that games usually don't use. Looks like Crysis 3 is an exception to the rule, MaLDo's tests have shown 30% improvement in framerate from HyperThreading on Very High settings. Overall, no matter what you think about the gameplay of Crysis 3, efforts from Crytek and modders will give you a graphically stunning game that will use all computational resources your PC has to offer.

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Very cool I will have to try this mod out.